Rep. Alicia St. Germaine opposes tax hike as Democrats push to raise food prices
RELEASE|June 22, 2023

Rep. Alicia St. Germaine rose on the House floor today to oppose legislation that would add sales and use taxes to more food and drink products.

St. Germaine voted against House Bills 4377-4378, which would increase taxes on certain food items sold in Michigan if they meet a complicated set of criteria including how utensils or napkins are made available to customers.

“At a time when dinner tables across our state are already under threat from inflation, Democrats want to come in and make things even worse,” St. Germaine said. “Let me make something very clear: We should not add taxes to people’s food here in Michigan. Ever. I voted no on this bill because I support Michiganders’ right to eat affordably.”

St. Germaine also supported amendments earlier this week to remove sales and use taxes from all food and nonalcoholic beverages, but House Democrats rejected the amendments and pushed through the increased taxes.

“This is nothing less than a tax hike on families and small businesses,” St. Germaine said. “Democrats are trying to pass the outlandish cost of their massive budget off on local businesses. The regulations they are pushing are way too complex, almost impossible to track or enforce, and a deadly blow to our state’s ability to attract and support more small businesses. That’s what we should be focusing on — not trying to pay for things we don’t need with money they want to take from Michiganders.”

HBs 4377-4378 now face debate in the Senate after passing through the House.

Rep. St. Germaine and her office can be reached at [email protected] or (517) 373-0555.

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